Guardians & Gatekeepers 2020 Conference

Virtual Event, April 24-25

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As an Energy Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Life Leadership Coach, Music Therapy and Songwriting Workshop Facilitator, I assist my clients who have been affected by trauma, loss and grief, to heal the emotional and spiritual wounds.

A majority of my focus is on parents who have been alienated from their children by their ex-spouse and/or families and the children that experience alienation. This helps them to heal and recover from the traumatic energy that results from this unjust separation from a loving parent through divorce.

So many people are affected by trauma. It can cause shame, personal false beliefs in who they are, extreme fear, anxiety and depression, unrelenting sadness, and suicidal thoughts and actions.

Through unconditional love and support including education, connection in community, empathy and unconditional, validation and creating a safe space, it helps to expedite the healing process. When this healing occurs, the work done with parents brings them to a space of being whole and allows a safe space for their child to come back to which gives the relationship an opportunity to thrive.

One of the underlying causes for acts of violence in our society is trauma, which generally occur during childhood.

In turn, once someone is truly healed, they can become advocates of change. In being empowered them, they can now create a better future for our families, children and a world that works for everyone.

I believe in working for healing and change rather than fighting against the problem. When we fight against something through competition, fear, hate and anger, it does nothing but pit people against each other which backfires and the change isn’t permanent. By working for something, we become a positive influence and can use our anger to propel us to changing our society and world so we can heal our planet through unconditional love and peace. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Offering Psychotherapy by Noel Neu, MS, LMHC, licensed in the State of Florida and Life Leadership/Spiritual Coaching by Caroline Rena. We both practice Energy Healing. We combine our gifts and skills to bring a new and deeper way of healing for our clients who have been through trauma.

Our ideal client is someone who is ready to recover, grow and heal from trauma in order to move forward in their life and find freedom. This is done through Therapy, Energy Healing, Healing Medicine Music, Life Leadership/Spiritual Coaching and Healing Our Way Home Songwriting Workshops.