Spiritual Life Leadership Coaching

Coaching provides a caring and supportive environment when we feel in like we are in crisis along with practical help. During sessions, our discussions provide you with an environment for conscious awareness, motivation and clarity, creativity and problem solving, new skills, planning, productivity and accountability and of course, results.

Convenient and Flexible Support

Coaching can be conducted in person, by telephone or Zoom/FaceTime. The phone or Zoom/FaceTime provides an efficient, convenient, inexpensive, focus based, practical and private way of working through external and internal issues.

Our coaching structure includes four sessions per month, for the first 90-days, which provide adequate consistency to keep the momentum and learning how to move forward at a solid pace.

In maintenance coaching it is not uncommon to meet with clients just once or twice a month which follows the four-times-a-month structure when the client begins achieving consistent success in their coaching goals. At the end of a coaching relationship, our clients move to an on-call structure.

In order to move forward through what is going on for the client, it is important to commit to a 90-day program. After this time is when maintenance coaching is available for you to continue the work on an as-needed basis.

Client/Coach Partnership

People understand, grow and learn more when they actively participate in the coaching process. The medium of coaching, frequency and goals, topics addressed are all decided in partnership with the client.

How Does Coaching Work?

When coaching, we start by listening for where the client is in life your and in the moment, in other words we meet you where you are and help to identify clear and motivating goals for each client. Each coaching session includes the elements of listening, review, revelation, strategy and problem solving.  What strength was revealed? What internal or external obstacle is encountered? During this process, the client becomes aware of behaviors, beliefs and abilities in a way that was previously hidden from awareness. As we work together, the client will find him/herself growing, changing and progressing as we build on strengths, values, capabilities and enthusiasms.

What Kinds of Results Can You Expect?

We can also focus on career goals, skill building, finances, healthy lifestyle choices, optimal functioning, education, community work, achieving balance, joy, a simpler life, finding your path or purpose, and creating a life that you want to live.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 703-300-3995 or you can email me HERE.


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