Being In Confusion and Finding Answers – Trust, Faith and Surrender


What could I possibly learn about trust, faith and surrender?

Waking up this morning after many months of changes; starting with a full moon at the end of July/August, my birthday on August 3rd, moving into a Mercury Retrograde, then the New Moon Eclipse about one month ago and on and on.

More and more changes and things have occurred and gone on in my life teaching me and asking me to remember what the answers really are. I started out as a controlling person, of my life of others, just so I could feel safe.

I had things happen in my life that tore me up and tore me apart, from myself and my children. My whole life has been one big, long lesson in learning forgiveness, trust, faith and surrender. Ahh yes, surrender, and it took a hurricane. Sitting in a friend’s house on September 10, 2017, the day after my dear son’s 29th birthday woke me up and showed me what direction I need to go.

Hurricane Irma – Trust, Faith and Surrender

During Hurricane Irma, where the eye of a Category 2 storm ended up going directly over the house that we left our home to “escape” her, I surrendered.

I was raised Jewish and learned prayers in Hebrew. When things happen in my life, I have been known, to myself to resort to those prayers. However, please know this, I was never a devout Jew and after my Bat Mitzvah at age 13, I ran like hell away from the religion. It took me years to find and form a spirituality that I could live with. I am now at peace inside myself and it culminated with this hurricane.

I considered typing the prayer in Hebrew, but don’t know the spelling, so I’m going to put it in English for you now. Blessed art thou, o Lord our God, King of the Universe… that is all I repeated. For three hours, from 11 pm to 2 am on September 11, another day of complete changes in all of our lives, I kept going.

Yes, I was scared and yes, I was also at peace doing it. I even got to a point where I managed to fall asleep for a while in the middle of it, having been exhausted with prep for the storm. I could hear my mind continue with the prayer until I woke up at 2, feeling that the winds had calmed down a little. I was safe and I was alive. I had no idea what was going to happen to me, yet I chose to surrender.

The next day, we went outside to take a look at what damages could have occurred. To my utter disbelief, the house we were staying in was untouched. Every house around us and in the neighborhood had something happen to them, whether it was shingles flying off the roof or as in the neighbors case on either side. One had the A/C unit pushed off the cement platform and the other had trees that fell over on the other side of their house, their lanai screens shredded with the door almost coming off along with the ceiling fan in the lanai smashing into and putting deep scratches in the ceiling and then ripping one of the blades off onto the floor.

I was in awe! How could this be? I had gone with my instinct to just trust and have faith that I would be fine and surrendered to the event and prayed and let me repeat myself, the house didn’t get touched.

The Result

So here I am today, after years of personal development and finding my way through the labyrinth of my life to a place of surrender and peace. Today is an important day for me in many ways and so this morning I got up to meditate and on my phone and I turned on You Tube and there was a suggested video to watch called, “Hard work and contribution: Abraham Hicks on Tony Robbins teachings.” I was intrigued.

I have been looking outside of my whole life for answers, I found the answers inside during the hurricane. The nuggets I got today from the video added to my forward progression.

I share this with you because it meshed and put it all together for me. Please enjoy and with that, look inside yourself for your strength and your answers through trust, faith and surrender.  It’s all in there.

Working with a Spiritual Mentor can help you do the same. I did it and anyone can do it. You just choose to be willing and courageous in order to be free!