I work with both humans and pets.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a method using a subtle and emotional process to ensure physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The human body has a complete energy system that is in tune with the Universe.

As in an electric flow in a house, when there is an obstruction, it will cause problems in the body.

In energy healing, our aim is to make sure the energy flows without any obstruction. As energy healing practitioners, we are the electricians for the body.

The goal is to keep the energy flowing and the body in balance; yin and yang.

How does the body use energy?

The body uses the meridian system to transport energy throughout and each meridian touches every system and organ within the human body. As stated earlier, if any of these meridians are blocked, the systems and organs fed by that meridian will begin to suffer.

What is health?

  • the balance of energy in the body
  • proper alignment of thoughts, speaking and actions
  • the smooth flow of energy

What do we need to do with the body’s energy to ensure health and eliminate all illness?

  • Energy needs to move freely. Energy flow can become obstructed from the build-up of toxins, muscular constrictions, interference from other energy fields, and prolonged stress.
  • Energy must flow in a certain pattern to complement the function of the physical structures.
  • Energy flow crosses at different levels, from the micro level of the DNA helix to the macro level where the right and left side of the brain control the opposite sides of the body.
  • Energy flow needs to stay in sync with all other energies within and outside the body. Sometimes, energy fields are limited by stress when the body goes into “survival mode,” which is a result of stress and the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism which our bodies naturally use to respond to stress. This throws the inner and outer energy systems out of balance. The highest vibrational level of healing energy is unconditional love. Your body is meant to give and receive love. Until you reach that level, there will always be imperfections in your life. Energy precedes solid matter. The energy field will show deterioration much earlier than the physical body. This is why energy healing is faster and better than medication.

What methods are typically used to restore the flow of energy?

Various energetic healing methods can be used to restore the flow of energy such as:

  • Swirling or tracing the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways.
  • Doing certain postures or exercises designed to facilitate the smooth flow of energy.
  • Use of the power of the mind to move certain types of energy.
  • Exposing the faulty energy system to that of another so it can be corrected.

How does it work with animals?

Energy Healing for your pets is a great tool that promotes health and healing.  In fact, animals are more sensitive to energy than people are, so it can be very effective for them. They are very intuitive and know where they need the healing work done, so they will move around in order to get good hand placement. They generally love the connection with energy work.

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